More on Aishy!

1. Aishy in kitchen
Aishy cuts vegetables in the morning with the help of NICER DICER or DOALL! Some photosgraphs taken when Aishy was in action cutting beans with Nicer Dicer.

Aishy can operate simple function micro oven with help to cook vegetables she cuts. She adds spices on her own.

She prepares black tea and she likes to drink lemon tea. She prepares coffee decoction and boils milk in cooker with help and ends up with steaming Madras coffee which she loves to drink like her parents morning and evening.

She helps in preparing batter for idly dosa and is happy to pour batter into idly plate for steaming!

We want to train her to use Dosa tawa and Idly cooker suitable for micro-oven. Also go in for cooking in micro-oven noodles which is her favourite item. We have an eye for putting her on the job of sprouts preparation as we use sprouts everyday!

We want to induct her to cook more dishes using induction stove in the near future in a newly built kitchen with gadgets, appropriate vessels and ingredients within easy reach.

2. Aishy helps cleaning floors of our house with the help of vacuum cleaner. Similarly she helps washing clothes and drying with washing machine.

3. Aishy likes to operate computer for copy typing and her favourite activity is SEBRAN programme based on maths. She can do live puzzle assembling online with sites like National Geographic!

4. Aishy practices Yoga for 45 minutes everyday with her father's promptings, guru being Krshna Vasudevan - a karma yogi who is devoted to the cause of spreading yoga to every house hold! She goes to classes thrice a week and performs in a group.

5. She loves the walk in Marina or park for 40 minutes in the evening! She pedals the exercises bicycle at home for 30 minutes minimum.

6. Aishy on week days goes to study at a vocational centre for special children Sakthi Academy at Saidapet. She took particular liking for painting Diyas (clay lamps) and some photographs to show her keenness

7. She can sketch with pencil when in mood and we have a collection!

8. Aishy is adept in hand embroidery with satin, chain, stem stitches. She does cross stitching on plastic mats which are converted to ladies bags with outside help. Some photos of Aishys creations

9. Aishy loves to apply Marudhani from our garden and her grand mother Gowri helps her. Some photographs

10. Aishy and her parents made a short trip to Yercaud in Apr 10. Train journey, stay in hotel, breakfast etc. all made Aishy happy throughout. She'll look forward to more such trips during holidays! Photographs taken on the occasion are no doubt colourful!

11. Aishy loves to walk in Marina beach in the evening. She is thrilled to go near waterfront to stand in waves washing her feet! We fancy going to beach on full moon days to eat dinner with Abhi, Biju and Vidhu!

12. Mythili Chari, an authority in remedial intervention for autism mentioned to us that Aishy can be trained in many aspects of day to day functioning to overcome the vacuum in her life.

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